NTA is currently operating in a very exciting, dynamic and fast-paced Information and Communication Technology (ICT) space.

Nowhere has the impact of technological change been felt more strongly than in the exchange of business information between organizations and their customers, suppliers and employees. But even as technology has dramatically expanded business communication horizons in the Republic, one long- established technology – fax – has remained a predominant means of exchanging business information. As long as needs exist for secure, confirmed and immediate delivery of business documents or an exact reproduction of the original, fax will continue to play a vital role in business communication.



NTA provides facsimile services for customers who do not have facsimile machine. Incoming fax must be sent to NTA Headquarters, Ebeye Branch and Outer Island Tele-Centers. 

NTA Majuro Headquarters Fax number (692.625.3952) 

Ebeye Branch Fax number (692.329.3671)

Outer Island Tele-Center:


 Berang, Ailinglaplap:
 Woja, Ailinglaplap:
 Bouj, Ailinglaplap: 692.635.4009
 Jei, Ailinglaplap: 692.635.4012
 Majkin, Namu: 692.635.4015
 Namdrik: 692.635.4024
 Narmij, Jaluit:   692.635.4026

Customers must remind Senders to provide telephone number, and location in the receiving fax document or message in order for NTA Customer Services to contact receiver. NTA does not deliver facsimile messages.

Customers who wish to send a facsimile message to someone, are required to bring original document or message in writing to NTA Customer Service Desk at Office on Majuro or Ebeye.

Open from 8:00 AM Morning to 12:00 AM Midnight. 7 Days a Week.

Please contact Customer Service Desk for Outer Island Tele-Centers Operation Hours



Incoming Fax:  $0.50 per page

Outgoing Fax:  $1.00 per page (Additional Charges will apply based on number of pages and point of destination)

Customers must bring original documents or message to NTA's Customer Service Desk.

It is required for the incoming fax messages to include a cover sheet with the customer's name, telephone number and number of pages transmitted.  Receiver will be notified when a facsimile has been received.

For more information, please contact our Customer Service Desk at Majuro (692.625.3952,) Marketing & Sales Department (692.625.9559) or Ebeye Customer Service Desk (692.329.3671)



It is simple, efficient and cost effective. Why not try it?