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Main Lines for Residential and Businesses
   - This is the basic telephone connection for your telephone service. Long distance is not included.
   - To have access to long distance, calling customers are required to apply for long distance service.

 Dialing Instructions For Local Calls
   - All Majuro and Ebeye numbers are seven digit numbers. Majuro Atoll presently has three telephone exchanges.

    To call a number in the Ejit/Rita/Delap exchange please dial 625-XXXX
    To call a number in the Long Island exchange please dial 247-XXXX
    To call a number in the Laura exchange please dial 528-XXXX
    To call a number in the Mobile exchange please dial 455/456-XXXX

 The Majuro exchanges include:

   - Downtown Area exchange (From Ejit Island to Majuro Bridge) is 625-XXXX

   - Long Island Area Exchange (From Majuro Bridge to Mile 18) is 247-XXXX

   - Laura Exchange (From Mile 18 to Laura) is 528-XXXX

   - Majuro Atoll Mobile Exchanges are 455/456-XXXX

The Ebeye Exchanges Include:

   - Ebeye Atoll Local Exchange is 329-XXXX

   - Ebeye Atoll Mobile Exchange is 235-XXXX

  *To call any number on Ebeye from Majuro, please dial 1329-XXXX or 1235-XXXX.

 Custom Calling Package
NTA offers a Custom Calling Package which includes Call Waiting, Call Forwarding,
Three Way Conference, Selective Ring plus the Caller ID.


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