International Direct Dialing

Quick International Direct Dialing at Your Fingertip! This service provides a great way to control long distance calling. Dial from any touch phone on Majuro or Ebeye. NTA Telcards are available in $10, $20, and $50 denominations. These cards are rechargeable and reusable. Cards can be recharged to any amount from 8am to 5pm, Monday to Friday
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Key System

An in-house telephone system that interconnects telephone extensions to each other, as well as to the outside telephone network. It may include features such as call forwarding, conference, call transferring, Do Not Disturb, one-touch memory buttons, voice call, and other features.

NTA offers communication solutions for small, medium, and large businesses. You can choose from one of the following key system sizes:

3 x 6 (Three lines and six stations)
3 x 16 (Three lines or more if required, and sixteen stations)
3 x 24 (Three lines or more if required, and twenty-four stations)

PBX System

This is a larger in-house system that also interconnects telephone extensions to each other that is highly recommended to use for hotels or larger businesses. The size is usually at a minimum of three(3) lines and more that twenty-four(24) stations.


Key System / PBX   
Trunk Line
 $35.00 $30.00/monthNone
 Key System Extention:
 1 - 6 Extensions
 $12.50 per extension
 None  $80.00  None
 7 - 14 Extensions
 $150.00$12.50 per extension
  None  $150.00  None

 15 - 24 Extensions

 $210.00 $12.50 per extension  None  $210.00  None
 Over 24 Extensions

 $210.00 plus $6.00
per unit in excess of
24 units

 $12.50 per extension  None$210.00 plus $6.00
per unit in excess of
24 units
 $12.50 per extension None


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