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NTA sends out bills once a month around the 3rd of each month. Each monthly bill includes the current monthly rental charges, any usage charges from the previous month, and any past due balances. If you have any questions concerning your bill, you should contact our Billing Department at 625-3676.
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Main Lines for Residential and Businesses
   - This is the basic telephone connection for your telephone service. Long distance is not included.
   - To have access to long distance, calling customers are required to apply for long distance service.

 Dialing Instructions For Local Calls
   - All Majuro and Ebeye numbers are seven digit numbers. Majuro Atoll presently has three telephone exchanges.

    To call a number in the Ejit/Rita/Delap exchange please dial 625-XXXX
    To call a number in the Long Island exchange please dial 247-XXXX
    To call a number in the Laura exchange please dial 528-XXXX
    To call a number in the Mobile exchange please dial 455/456-XXXX

 The Majuro exchanges include:

   - Downtown Area exchange (From Ejit Island to Majuro Bridge) is 625-XXXX

   - Long Island Area Exchange (From Majuro Bridge to Mile 18) is 247-XXXX

   - Laura Exchange (From Mile 18 to Laura) is 528-XXXX

   - Majuro Atoll Mobile Exchanges are 455/456-XXXX

The Ebeye Exchanges Include:

   - Ebeye Atoll Local Exchange is 329-XXXX

   - Ebeye Atoll Mobile Exchange is 235-XXXX

  *To call any number on Ebeye from Majuro, please dial 1329-XXXX or 1235-XXXX.

 Custom Calling Package
NTA offers a Custom Calling Package which includes Call Waiting, Call Forwarding,
Three Way Conference, Selective Ring plus the Caller ID.


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