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Billing Information 

NTA sends out bills once a month around the 3rd of each month. Each monthly bill includes the current monthly rental charges, any usage charges from the previous month, and any past due balances. If you have any questions concerning your bill, you should contact our Billing Department at 625-3676.

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Our Technical Support service enables local organizations to boost customer satisfaction through technology care services. Whether you want to build a premium technology support services business or more efficiently manage an internal technical support program, NTA's Technical Support service delivers the scalable software and turnkey services to help you drive down support costs, increase profitability and improve productivity!!

Technology Evaluation & Planning

  • Does your computer still take punch cards?  Tech support can give you technology makeover.  And we'll even take the cost of the consultation and apply it to a discount on a future product and services.

 Network Installation & Configuration

  • Got a new printer/scanner/microphone/RAM/hard drive/toaster? Tech Support can help install any piece of hardware.

 Network Monitoring & Maintenance

  • Do you want to risk losing years of company data, pictures, movies and music. Our large backup data option will keep your data safe. 

 Install/Move/Upgrade Server/Client Computers

  • Set up, configure and secure core devices; safeguard your personal information and secure your personal broadband signals from use by others.

 Remote Desktop Services/VPN including "Troubleshooting"

  • NTA Tech Support will provide remote assistant by using Remote Desktop services and or VNC software to troubleshoot offsite network and computer issues.
  • VPN Tunneling provides security by encryption through a Virtual Private Network connection from an offsite to your network.

       Security/Virus Administration

  • The best thing to do is eradicate the problem right away.  A delay could lead to slow performance, data security issues and even data loss.  Don't fear - help is here!
  • But our experience has shown that no matter how careful you are, things can always slip by.  That's why we recommend you install a good anti-virus program, and update it regularly.
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