Billing Information
NTA sends out bills once a month around the 3rd of each month. Each monthly bill includes the current monthly rental charges, any usage charges from the previous month, and any past due balances. If you have any questions concerning your bill, you should contact our Billing Department at 625-3676.


As part of our commitment to service you where ever you travel within the Marshall Islands, we have installed 10 Tele-Centers in the remote and beautiful outer islands.  Our Tele - Centers provide voice, internet, and fax, with affordable national and international service rates.  In FY2012, NTA's planning on installing 10 more Outer Island DAMA sites to fulfill its commitment to provided universal services to the people of the Marshall Islands.



Outer Islands (DAMA) Tele-Center Directory:



Namu 692.635.4013
692.635.4038 692.635.4014
Fax 692.635.4039 Fax 692.635.4015
Berang (Ailinglaplap) 692.635.4001 Utrik 692.635.4016
692.635.4002 692.635.4017
Fax 692.635.4003 Fax 692.635.4018
Woja (Ailinglaplap) 692.635.4004 Ebon 692.635.4019
692.635.4005 692.635.4020
Fax 692.635.4006 Fax 692.635.4021
Bouj (Ailinglaplap) 692.635.4007 Namdrik 692.635.4022
692.635.4008 692.635.4023
Fax 692.635.4009 Fax 692.635.4024
Jeh (Ailinglaplap) 692.635.4010 Narmij 692.635.4025
692.635.4011 692.635.4026
Fax 692.635.4012 Fax 692.635.4027

National & Long Distance Rates:

Per Minutes Calls (7am- 7pm) (7pm-7am)

National Calls

$0.50 $0.25
International Calls $1.25 $1.00
Operator Assist.Calls $1.50 $1.25



Prepaid Discount Rates



(12 midnight to 6am)

National Calls $0.15
International Calls $0.50

Internet Rates:

$5 $0.10/minute
$10 $0.10/minute
Megabyte $0.10/Megabyte





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